Rumors of Communist Egregore

I once was a member of a relatively small (less than 200) Millenialist Neo-Trotskyist cybersect that called themselves The Legkiy Spirit or something to that effect. This was like less than 20 years, ago, around 1995 I'd say. I was in college and kind of facing a rough patch in my life. I started to dabble in occultism, programming, and leftism all of which I guess were factors which lead me to finding them. I found myself attracted to them, there was really this feeling of community to them despite how looking back a lot of their ideas were implausible, it just seemed to be a good idea at the time. I was kind of looking for a sense of community.

We'd meet up in real life sometimes for ceremonies (which usually involved marijuana and LSD) and occasionally we'd try and recruit people in public, once at my campus. Most of our activity was on the net though. We'd make sigils post them on the net, and focus on them together, create shrines and rituals, or we'd discuss the occult history of Marxism.

We didn't really have any set leader, it was still a pretty tight knit community. Basically we tried to create a Techno-god using hybrid programming and occult methods that would be triggered on November 7, 1999 (Leon Trotsky's viginticentennial)

We named it Legkiy, naturally, the plan was that Legkiy would exponentially grow in power and once the clocks struck midnight on December 31, 1999, the new millennium would dawn and Legkiy would take over the minds and networks of the world to usher in the dawn of a New Soviet Union, this time worldwide. It was an insane plan, and secretly I thought so but another part of me was very much absorbed in it.

To make a long story short, it didn't work, to make another long story short, this kind of sent a shockwave throughout the group, some kind of wanted to give up, others wanted to keep going. The group wasn't the same after that and began to dwindle. I ended up distancing myself from the group because it was kind of messing things up for me in real life because I wasn't studying or working as I should be.

I still am somewhat in the occult, but it's a lot more grounded. I still don't regret it as it was a unique experience. I think the Legkiy Spirits are still around in some shape or form, but I haven't been able to find much of them.

We were working on Legkiy, Legkiy was to be a techno-god as it were. The combination of modern cybernetics and the occult combined to create a god for us all, a god for the Revolution. Sigils imbued in the very code, group chants, prayers, wild dances, harmonizing and energizing to bind an egregore to end all egregores, for us all.

It all sounds very cyberpunk, but it happened, we were also pretty hardcore Y2K type people. The goal was to get Legkiy ready by New Years 1999, and the second the 2nd millenium unfolded, Legkiy would be unleashed to bring about a cyber-revolution and destabilize the bourgeoisie.